Our team

Form international’s team consists of highly qualified professionals with complementing expertise, working closely together.

All staff have international working experience, mainly in tropical countries and as such are used to working under challenging conditions.

An ambitious, down-to-earth mentality and a practical approach are typical features that characterize the team of Form international.

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rosa_diemontRosa Diemont

Ms. Diemont holds a BSc. degree in Forestry and Nature Conservation, University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein. After her study, she worked at Van Hall Larenstein, as a Major coordinator assistant and lecturer for the specializations Tropical Forestry and International Timber Trade. She has lived and worked in Latin and Central America (Brazil, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica), where she acquired experience in ecological and socio-economic studies. Ms. Diemont is fluent in English and Dutch and has a good working knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese. Ms. Diemont works as an all-rounder at Form international.

Training, teaching, ecosystem restoration, ESIA, stakeholder involvement[/ultimate_modal]

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Naamloos-1Folkert-Jan Jager

Mr. Jager is Chief Financial Officer of Form International. He holds an MSc in International Accounting & Finance from the LSE and has over 25 years of experience as CFO/Finance Director in various international companies and a NGO operating in Africa.
He is responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the group companies . This involves the development of the financial, operational and funding strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

planning, cost control, accounting operations, cash flow and liquidity management and taxes[/ultimate_modal]

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karin onderbergKarin Onderberg 

Mrs. Onderberg is in charge of the financial and administrative support to Form’s management. She is also responsible for the human resource management and IT-related issues. Together with Mrs. Fiks and Mrs. Bouwmeester, she runs the secretariat.

financial and administrative support, HR[/ultimate_modal]

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Rutger_deWolfRutger de Wolf 

Mr. de Wolf holds an MSc. degree in Forest Management and Nature Conservation from Wageningen University. He has lived and worked in Suriname for five years where he acquired experience in the preparation and implementation of projects related to forest management, environmental impact assessments and sector analyses. Mr de Wolf speaks fluent English and Dutch and has a good working knowledge of Spanish and French. Mr. de Wolf works as an all-rounder for Form international.

financial modelling, valuations, market studies, forest planning, certification, ecosystem restoration, ESIA, allanblackia, teak[/ultimate_modal]

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Jan van der sijdeJan van der Sijde

Mr. van der Sijde holds an MSc. degree in Forest management from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa as well as well as an MBA degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has over 30 years of management experience in the (agro)forestry plantation industry and has worked in South Africa, Mozambique and Laos. He also participated in forestry projects in Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi and Congo, and thereby gained extensive experience of the Forestry industry in Africa. Mr. van der Sijde will mainly focus on providing technical assistance & management support to Form Tanzania and SFI Tanzania.

timber trade, supply chains and markets, forestry operations, forest management, fire management, harvesting and sales, logistics, sisal, eucalyptus, pine[/ultimate_modal]

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hendrien fiksHendrien Fiks

Mrs. Fiks is the Executive Assistant of Form International and takes care of the entire support of the Executive Director. Also, she is responsible for the PR and Communication and Together with Mrs. Bouwmeester she arranges the logistics for foreign travels. Together with Mrs. Onderberg and Mrs. Bouwmeester she runs the secretariat.

management support, PR and communication[/ultimate_modal]

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tieme wanders Tieme Wanders 

Mr. Wanders holds an MSc. degree in Tropical Forestry from Wageningen University and specialized in Forest Ecology & Management and Restoration Forestry. Mr. Wanders has over 15 years of experience in sustainable forest management, certification and the associated stakeholder processes. He is R&D Manager and as a Senior Forestry Expert he focuses on management and technical assistance to the Form plantations in Ghana and Tanzania. Mr. Wanders has lived in Cameroon and Tanzania and speaks Dutch, German, French, Portuguese and English.

Research & Development, silviculture, growth and yield, nurseries, GIS, certification, ESIA, HCVF, teak, indigenous, eucalyptus, allanblackia[/ultimate_modal]

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Rik soolsRik Sools – Managing director

Mr. Sools is Managing Director and Senior Forestry Expert of Form International. He holds an MSc. degree in Forest Ecology and Management from Wageningen University and has over 10 years experience in advisory and project work related to forest certification, forest investments, forest inventory and management planning, reforestation and agroforestry. Next to daily management of the company, he is also responsible for business development, company strategy, structuring and fund raising of new projects, partnership development and client relations. Country experience includes Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic Congo, Tanzania, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and the Netherlands. Mr. Sools is fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish and moderate in French.

General management, forestry investments, forest landscape restoration, valuations, business development, management and planning, inventory, forest carbon, certification, allanblackia, teak, shea[/ultimate_modal]

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paul holPaul Hol – Chairman

Mr. Hol is founder/owner and Chairman of Form International. He has extensive international experience as a senior forestry advisor and is specialized in sustainable forest management, reforestation and forest certification. Besides Form International, Mr. Hol has initiated sustainable forestry investments through the establishment of Form Ghana, Form valuations and SFI Tanzania.

general management, forestry investments, forest management, certification, timber trade, timber processing, teak[/ultimate_modal]

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Willem_FourieWillem Fourie –
Managing director Form Ghana

Mr. Willem Fourie holds a Forestry Diploma (NMMU Saasveld, South Africa) and Operational management (UNISA). He has more than 20 years experience in the African timber plantation sector, including development, management, harvesting, logistics and processing , and has managed Form Ghana Ltd since 2009. His focus areas are sustainable plantation development and development of management for Plantation projects.

forest plantation development, planning, budgets, fire management, operational Management, logistics, harvesting, processing & commissioning processing facilities, Teak, indigenous tree species, negotiations with government[/ultimate_modal]

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andries polinderAndries Polinder 

Mr. Polinder holds an MSc. degree in Forest Management and Nature Conservation from Wageningen University. He has worked for 7 years in the field of particularly FSC and PEFC certification and is qualified lead auditor. His most recent experiences at Form international include FSC certification, timber legality, analysis of timber harvest and PEFC conformity assessments. Mr. Polinder speaks fluent English and Dutch and has a good working knowledge of Spanish. Mr. Polinder works as an all-rounder for Form international.

supply chains, certification, legality, EUTR, auditing, risk assessment, data analysis, growth and yield[/ultimate_modal]

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Thys GreeffThys Greeff
General Manager:
Form Tanzania Ltd & SFI Tanzania Ltd

Mr. Greeff holds a MComm. degree in Logistics Management from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, a Management Development Program from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and a Forestry Diploma. He has 26 years Forestry Management experience in Silviculture, Harvesting, Merchandising, Transport, Export, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Mr. Greeff has conducted international benchmarking in Harvesting and Transport systems for the Council of Forest Engineering (COFE) in North America and South America and consulted on the following International projects: Mozambique IFLOMA , Malawi Supply Chains development for LLTC, South Africa ESKOM bio fuel projects and Weyerhaeuser plywood pre-feasibility studies. Mr. Greeff will be responsible for the management of Form Tanzania Ltd and SFI Tanzania Ltd.

general management, harvesting & logistics, supply chains, forest plantation management, forest engineering, eucalyptus, pine, sisal[/ultimate_modal]