25 June 2019
Programme Director Ghana

Vacancy – Landscape restoration Programme Director Ghana

For a landscape programme in Ghana, Form International seeks an experienced Programme Director to lead the implentation of the programme in close collaboration with Form International and Form Ghana senior management.
3 September 2018

25 jaar bomen planten – Interview Paul Hol in Houtwereld

Read more about 25 years Form International - interview with Paul Hol in Houtwereld (in Dutch)
19 July 2018
Form Ghana Berekum plantation

Creating a forest landscape restoration movement in Africa

This thematic issue of FAO’s Nature & Faune Journal contains an article on the vision and achievements of Form Ghana, in the light of the AFR-100 initiative. Read more about our strategy and way forward in “Scaling up commercial reforestation as part of forest landscape restoration: some key factors to success”.
27 June 2018
Form International celebrates 25th anniversary

Form International celebrates 25th anniversary

On 6 June Form International celebrated its 25th anniversary by organizing a symposium 'New Forests in a Changing World' for more than 100 attendees sharing experiences and lessons learned with presentations of Hans Docter, Maas Goote and staff members from Form International, Ghana and Tanzania.