Each situation requires a specific training approach. Form International is a specialist in the design of tailor-made trainings that can be immediately applied into day-to-day management and has a broad experience regarding client-centered approaches.

Form International has active and relevant experience regarding the following fields of expertise:

Reduced Impact Logging (RIL)

Field training on intensive planning and careful, controlled, and efficient implementation of timber harvesting operations with minimum adverse impact on the environment, the forest, the forest floor and soil.


Silviculture, growth & yield

Predicting future growth and yield is essential for the planning process of a forest stand and optimal harvests. Form International provides training in silvicultural practices to improve future growth and yield, such as pruning, marking for thinning, harvest planning and harvest techniques.


Sustainable commercial reforestation management

Bringing all promising aspects of sustainable plantation management fully into play, requires well trained managers and capable staff, able to develop and manage commercial reforestation programs. Form International capacitates forestry professionals with effective skills to properly manage ongoing or projected programs of reforestation extension.

nuffic training


Responsible forest management through a certification system is a credible tool to ensure sustainable forestry practices, including social, cultural, ecological, and economic aspects of a forest operation. Form International provides training on the practical implementation of principles and criteria of several certification schemes into daily management, supported with theoretical background regarding origin, structure, management, purpose, and practical implications of the certification scheme.


Planning of reforestation establishment and maintenance

One of the most important and complex aspects of forest management is planning, as careful consideration must be given to decisions during the planning process. All forestry operations require a level of planning in order to anticipate and manage operational. Form International provides training on adequate and cost-effective planning both prior to and during the forestry operation.

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