Forest Management Support

Form International provides services to support clients in the fields of sustainable forest management, plantation forestry, forest restoration, conservation and reforestation.

Form International also acts as forest asset manager. If you require this long-term service package, please go to Forest Asset Management.

Plantation / reforestation establishment and management

Form International has extensive experience with the set-up and management of plantations. It has 20 years’ experience with the establishment and management of plantations in various countries. The long experience and also engagement with other plantation companies, ensures that up to date knowledge and techniques are used for plantation management. Form will create your plantation or entire plantation company and can manage it completely.


Tree nurseries

Form International has been creating and managing trees nurseries for over 20 years. High and low tech nurseries have been successfully deployed to produce plants for various reforestation projects in Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.


Silviculture, growth & yield

Form International has extensive experience with the monitoring of growth and yield and the modelling of growth and yield. Form has developed yield tables for Teak in Ghana, Tanzania and Brazil. Form also provides assistance and training on pruning, marking for thinning, harvest planning and harvest techniques.

151106 (19) GH ASU Bufferzone Monitoring Training

Field tests, monitoring & Statistical Analysis

Monitoring results are important input for management decisions, timing of operations and yield predictions. Based on the clients’ questions and own experience, Form International will design a tailor-made test set-up or monitoring program, capacitate staff on how to collect data and carry out statistical analysis on the data. The challenge is to gather sufficient data in an efficient way, to keep costs low and at the same time provide answers to the research questions, which can be used to support choices and management decisions.

150204 (11a) GH Monitoring training

Harvesting & Logistics

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160319 (40) GH Harvest

GIS / Mapping

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