Feasibility studies

Form International offers assistance with feasibility studies for forestry and forestry-related projects. Feasibility studies are tailored to the needs of the client, ranging from quick scans to full feasibility studies. Depending on the client’s needs, different elements can be included in the feasibility study, for instance: business models, technical implications, inventory of current timber stock, documentation check, stakeholder relations, infrastructure, environmental factors (incl. soil, water, climate, conservation areas, site-species selection) and investment climate.

Feasibility studies design assess

Forest inventory and management planning

Form International offers expertise in the design of forest management plans and conducting entailing studies, e.g. inventories, ecological study, market study. Our expertise in certification allows us to develop management plans that meet the latest standards for responsible forest management.

Reforestation of degraded lands

Forest carbon and REDD+

The carbon sequestered by (plantation) forests can be commercialized through REDD+ or the voluntary carbon market. Form International assists companies and organizations in the process of carbon credit verification, using the standard best suited to the project (e.g. VCS, CCBA)

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