19 June 2018

Creating a forest landscape restoration movement in Africa

This thematic issue of FAO’s Nature & Faune Journal contains an article on the vision and achievements of Form Ghana, in the light of the AFR-100 initiative. Read more about our strategy and way forward in “Scaling up commercial reforestation as part of forest landscape restoration: some key factors to success”.
19 June 2018

Restoration buffer zone with indigenous species, Kwaraguru estate Tanzania

The buffer zone around the reservoir dam in Kwaraguru was recently planted with indigenous species to create a link between a patch of forest near the tarmac road in which animals like Colobus monkeys live and the patches of forest towards the interior of the estate.
19 June 2018

Form Ghana: largest private teak plantation in Africa?

Form Ghana’s planting target for 2018 has been completed. Besides 1,304 ha of teak, 18.5 ha of research trials were planted, including Teak from different provenances and Gmelina, and 295 ha of indigenous species. This means that, together with the 8,500 ha planted in former years, Form Ghana has now established 8,869 ha of teak and in total over 10,000 hectares reforested. This makes Form Ghana to our knowledge the largest teak plantation in Africa.
19 June 2018

New release of 200,000 carbon credits from Form Ghana’s reforestation project

In May 2018, Form Ghana's carbon credit claim has been independently verified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), by a team of qualified assessors from the Italian Certifying Body RINA.
17 January 2018
Global Landscapes Forum Bonn

Form’s Paul Hol at the GLF in Bonn – December 2017

Form International's Paul Hol, panellist at the Inclusive Finance Pavilion during Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn (December 2017).
18 December 2017
Form International ITTO Council Lima

Form shares experience at ITTO’s Council meeting in Lima

Mr. Rik Sools addressed the 53rd Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC), Lima, Peru, during the Annual Market Discussion which focused on “sharing experiences on promoting investment in tropical timber industries and tropical forestry” and spoke of Form’s investment and project experience in Ghana and Tanzania.
18 December 2017
Landscape Restoration i20 form blue cross sustainable forestry agroforestry

Landscape Restoration Tain II Forest Reserve in Ghana

In a 4-year project, in and around the Tain II Forest Reserve, Form works towards the restoration of the degraded landscape to its former production function, financed with private investments by DOB Ecology. The overall goal is integral management of a landscape (2,200 ha) with all stakeholders, in order to improve livelihoods, productivity and the protection of biodiversity.
18 December 2017
Advisory Board Member Nanno Kleiterp Publishes First Book

Advisory Board Member Nanno Kleiterp Publishes First Book

Recently one of Form International’s Advisory Board members, Mr Nanno Kleiterp, published his first book ‘Banking for a Better World’. The book emphasizes the scale of the challenge of fulfilling the UN’s sustainable development goals by 2030. Mr Kleiterp is chairman of the board of directors at European Development Finance Institutions, and was formerly CEO of the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO.
18 December 2017
Restoring Shea Landscape Northern Ghana

Restoring the Shea Landscape of Northern Ghana

Form International has developed a multiple year project to pilot the restoration of the Shea savannah landscape in northern Ghana. Main elements in the restoration strategy is to develop feasible and scalable models for tree planting and improved landscape management that integrate she and other trees on farms. Keys to success are production and distribution of high quality planting stock, good farming models, capacitation of local people in improved management techniques and set-up of nurseries to ensure local seedling production.
18 December 2017
rainforest restoration biodiversity

Form Ghana Restoration Project secures major AfDB funding

In July 2017, we had the fabulous news from the African Development Bank (AfDB), approving the loan to extent the reforestation project in Ghana. This is considered a breakthrough in Climate Financing. For the AfDB the USD24 million loan to the Form Ghana project represents the first Private Sector direct investment in restoration of degraded forests, and the first Forest Investment Program (FIP) private sector project in Africa.
18 December 2017
Advanced training forest plantation management

Advanced training on forest plantation management

In October 2017, the advanced EP-Nuffic tailor-made training took place at Form Ghana’s training center in Berekum. 33 forestry professionals, from different organizations, were intensively trained. The training was designed to meet specific needs of staff of reforestation projects and plantation companies.
3 October 2017
Form nominated MVO Award Region Zwolle 2017

Form is nominated for the MVO Award Region Zwolle 2017 (in Dutch)!

Form is nominated for the MVO Award 2017 Region Zwolle!
24 July 2017
i 20 timbertrade timber trade

ETTF and ATIBT start collaboration on Timber Trade Portal

The "Gateway to International Timber Trade" at www.timbertradeportal.com is a "one-stop" information point providing international timber traders and other users with information on the forest industries and legality requirements in timber-producing countries.
10 July 2017
climate financing Form Ghana Asubima Forest Reserve

Breakthrough Climate Financing in Ghana

Form Ghana reforestation project secures major African Development Bank funding. For the AfDB the USD24 million loan to the Form Ghana project represents the first Private Sector direct investment in restoration of degraded forests, and the first Forest Investment Program (FIP) private sector project in Africa. Reforestation company Form Ghana is initiator of the project, supported by the Dutch company Form International.
6 March 2017
Allanblackia Seed Oil

Allanblackia Seed Oil Enters Market

Seeds of the allanblackia tree produce high quality oil for application in food and non-food products. Since 2010, Form International established and manages a pilot agroforest farm of allanblackia in Ghana. This is done for Unilever to test and demonstrate the cultivation of Allanblackia at larger scale. Unilever has now launched in Sweden the first organic certified margarine containing allanblackia oil, which is a major milestone for this sustainable oil.
20 December 2016
Landscape Restoration i20 form blue cross sustainable forestry agroforestry

Landscape Restoration in Ghana

Form international and Form Ghana are working on a new approach to ensure further sustainable growth, expansion and consolidation of the Public Private Partnership in Ghana and to restore forest functions in degraded forest areas and safeguard the sector’s economic importance for the future by planting 20,000 hectares/year of new forest over the next 25 years.
20 December 2016
Plantation Forestry Conference Tanzania

Plantation Forestry Conference Tanzania

Paul Hol spoke at the Tanzania Plantation Forestry Conference in November 2015 in Dar Es Salaam about the successful Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Ghana and the opportunities of a similar partnership for optimal landuse in Tanzania.
19 December 2016
Form Ghana CCTV Africa

Form Ghana on CCTV Africa

At the Paris climate talks (December 2015) 7 African leaders pledged to do more to protect the natural forest and replant degraded forest land, but the money to match this commitment is difficult to find. Trees need to be planted, grown and harvested before a return on investment is seen and that takes years. Katerina Vittozi, reporter for CCTV Africa News, made a report about this at Form Ghana Ltd. in Akumadan.
19 December 2016
Doing Business in Africa Award NABC Magazine Form International award

‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award for Form international!

NABC's 'Doing Business in Africa Award 2016' has been awarded to Form international. Managing Director of NABC Irene Visser is proud that Form international is this years’ winner. "Deforestation is one of the main challenges faced by the people of Africa. Form international's reforestation drive is having a large and important impact on the continent and we fully support their efforts."
3 November 2016
Building Drinking Water Supplies Tanzania

New Drinking Water Supplies in Tanzania

Form and SFI Tanzania purchased and introduced water purification plants on Kwamdulu and Kwaraguru estate. All employees and families residing on the estates now have access to clean drinking water.
1 November 2016
Training Sustainable Commercial Reforestation Management

Successful training on sustainable commercial reforestation management

For the first time, the Nuffic Tailor Made Training on ‘Sustainable commercial reforestation management’ has been provided at Form Ghana’s training centre in Berekum. 32 young professionals working at Form Ghana Ltd. or at related institutes in Ghana, Togo, and Sierra Leone, have been trained in the field of reforestation management.
1 November 2016
New Forests Africa Role Private Sector

New Forests for Africa – Role of the Private Sector

Paul Hol and Peter Paap have published their article in FAO’s Nature & Faune magazine. The key message is that the private sector is ready to scale up commercial reforestation as part of forest landscape restoration. This message has also been communicated with investors and stakeholders during the Conference New Forests for Africa, in March of this year.
31 October 2016
International Africa Timber Trade

Gateway to international timber trade

The "Gateway to International Timber Trade" at www.timbertradeportal.com is a "one-stop" information point providing international timber traders and other users with information on the forest industries and legality requirements in timber-producing countries.
26 October 2016
Form letter intent National Climate Summit 2016

Form signs letter of intent at the National Climate Summit 2016

21 parties expressed their intention to work together to realize 100,000 hectares of new forests in the Netherlands by 2050.
11 July 2016
Teak Akumadan Ghana forest management save the rainforest global warming

Newsletter 9 | New Forests for Africa

Summer's here, which means it's time for an update. Paul Hol, initiator of the movement 'Forests for the Future - New Forests for Africa': 'In this update we share some documentation out of our Ghana conference and look forward to a similar conference in November in Tanzania. More information about this conference on UONGOZI Institute's website. They very much look forward to receiving you in Tanzania!'
21 June 2016
Teak Akumadan Ghana forest management save the rainforest global warming

Newsletter 8 | New Forests for Africa

Form international is founder and partner of the initiative ‘Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa’. This initiative has been established with the aim to stimulate and drive large scale reforestation in Africa. The target to reach 100 million hectares of new forests, which African nations have set them themselves is of an exceptional size. To realize this, African leaders see the need for sustainable forestry projects based on a long-term approach and multi-stakeholder benefit. They particularly see the benefit to intensify the cooperation with the private sector as they have the resources, innovation and the ability to deliver.
20 June 2016
Field visit ESG Magazine

Who Will Finance Africa’s Reforestation? (ESG Magazine)

Reforestation has been identified as one of the most effective tools against climate change. At the COP21 conference in Paris, 10 African countries pledged over 40 million hectares of land for reforestation. But planting a forest is costly. Who is going to pick up the bill?
14 June 2016
Forestry Planting Kwaraguru Estate

Forestry Planting At Kwaraguru Estate

SFI Tanzania established a forestry area of about 200 ha, planted with eucalyptus and teak in April and May 2016. Most of the trees were planted at Kwaraguru Estate, involving about 70 people for the planting. Next to the general forest stands, a species trial was planted with a mixture of different species and provenances.
13 June 2016
Tree Planting Schools Ghana

Tree Planting With Schools In Ghana

Form Ghana engages in a tree planting and education program with six Ghanaian schools during May and June 2016 . Form Ghana’s development team assisted Accra schools in planting indigenous tree seedlings to create awareness and greening Ghana.
13 June 2016
Tree Planting Dutch Embassy Ghana

Tree Planting At The Dutch Embassy In Ghana

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Accra decided to use the reception in celebration of its national day, King's Day, to echo the reforestation message of the New Forests for Africa-conference by 'reforesting' the garden of the Ambassador's residence with 500 seedlings from Form Ghana.
8 June 2016
African business Reforesting Africa

African Business: Reforesting Africa

The AFR100 plan aims to restore 100m ha of degraded forest in Africa. A project in Ghana (Form) illustrates what can be done and the challenges that lie ahead.
7 June 2016
Carbon Goals Gold Standard Grow to Zero conference

Carbon goals: Gold Standard and the ‘Grow to Zero Conference’

Form international attended the “Gold Standard 2016: Grow to Zero” conference in Switzerland. This conference brought together players from all sectors of the sustainability value chain to increase their impact toward meeting the goals established in the Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals - from quick wins to long-term vision.
7 June 2016
Forests for the Future

Succesful Conference: Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa

Form international is one of the initiators of the movement 'Forests for the Future, New Forests for Africa', which completed its first conference on African soil in the Ghanaian capital Accra on March 16 and 17, 2016.
9 May 2016
Forestry Book

The Book That Grows Like A Tree

New chapters of Central African Forests Forever
16 January 2016
timbertrade forest management save the rainforest global warming

Gateway to International Timber Trade

Form international developed a one-stop online tropical producer information platform for the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF). This online information platform has been launched now as the ‘Gateway to international Timber Trade’ www.timbertradeportal.com.
13 January 2016
teak i20 form blue cross sustainable forestry agroforestry

First FSC teak from Form Ghana reforestation company

This year Form Ghana reached a milestone in plantation forestry in Ghana: the first harvest of 3000 m3 quality teak has been realized from its FSC™-certified plantations in Akumadan.